Jekyll-bootstrap Not Updating Problem Fixed


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Milton Berle

I had a jekyll blog on the github and changed it to Jekyll-bootstrap yesterday.
I tested it locally, everything was ok. Pushed successfully. But my github pages didn't change.

After debugging, I realised that the problem occured right after the theme hooligan was installed.

To fix this problem, you only need to:

  • Remove the _theme_packages file:
git rm _theme_packages
  • Create a .gitignore file in the root of your Page repository.
  • Put _theme_packages/* into the file.
  • Better install the theme again.

This solution worked for me.

我昨天把jekyll换成了jekyll-bootstrap,在本地测试成功,push也成功了。但是github pages一直没有改变。
重复安装了很多次,终于发现当我安装完hooligan主题后,github pages就没反映了。最后发现是主题下载包_theme_packages跟github有冲突。


git rm _theme_packages